The authors

This book is a product of two minds: a native speaker with over 30 years experience teaching, and an English speaking learner.

Stephen and Noyuri and goatNoyuri Ishida Soderland is a native speaker of Japanese who has been teaching Japanese to English-speaking students for over 30 years, most recently at The University of Washington, Olympic College, and various high schools . She is certified to teach both Japanese and Mathematics and has a linguistic BA from the University of Washington.

Stephen G. Soderland is a research scientist in artificial intelligence, and holds a BA in Mathematics and Linguistics from Stanford University and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts.

They live outside Seattle, Wash., and raise goats.


Japanese for Beginners 1 is the product of three decades of classroom and individual teaching, and this text has been tested and revised throughout Ms. Soderland’s teaching career.


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